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Exhibit 1
DoorDash First Month Experience

The Problem - When trying DoorDash, new customers are welcomed with one month of $0 delivery fees. This program is many years old and no longer performing optimally for the company, especially as more of its budget is spent on fraudulent users. However, updating this offer was both strategically and technically complicated.


The Solution - We proposed a multivariate test of 3 different potential new offers, the existing offer, and a control holdout. This test had to be run in a limited geographic area for legal reasons, and had to run for months to reach a stat sig result across all variables. Custom communication flows, using email, push, and in-app channels, had to be set up for all variants and personalized.


The Outcome - Ultimately we spent over a year testing out alternatives before working on a long-term solution with our product team. The replacement offer will be more efficient, greatly reducing spending to allow reinvestment into other high-priority areas such as retention of the tens of millions of new users gained during COVID.

Exhibit 2
AEG Presents Distributed Teams Solution

The Problem - AEG Presents has offices and distinct brands across the country that are operated separately but serviced by the same centralized tools. When the costs of ExactTarget were mounting (imagine support costs alone for the over 200 distinct users), not only was a migration necessary, but it needed to meet the needs of over 20 different teams while maintaining some brand standards and best practices.


The Solution - We RFP’d with every major ESP, CDP, and content management company until we found the right tools for the job and then began a migration. During migration we even discovered data warehousing issues that would lead to total replacement of our foundation and data lake; all to say, this was a complete overhaul. We came up with a modular templating solution that would allow each regional office to customize their own templates, while tying it to the CMS to reduce email build time by 90%.


The Outcome - We were able to roll out our new tool in under 18 months, empowering hundreds of marketers to reach millions of fans.

Other Examples
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